In Context Storytelling: Production 1

Click this link: In Context Storytelling to watch.

This project was very fun to complete. I ran into a few problems, such as only being able to film outside one time, since the increasing snowfall would cause breaks in continuity. Overall, no large problems occurred. I edited my clips and sound in Adobe Premier CS6 and Audition CS6.
Permission to use the music was generously given by Duan, a popular Polish band who makes traditional Irish music. I really appreciate that, since I feel it fits my production perfectly.

I completed all the pre production including a shot sheet:

and storyboards:

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Just Moved In- 3D Room Renders

A cabin nestled in a snowy forest, during a winter late afternoon when the sun is setting, hid behind the clouds.
Everything modeled, textured and lit by me in Maya 2014.

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Interactive Jam: Jurassic Slam Jam

Click Image to view Video of the Interactive Jam

These dinosaurs were created by me.

The group members and their main contributions are; Kate Worth (worked with arduino and writeup), Matt Donovan (worked with flash coding and design), Torr Micha (helped everyone), Caitlin Gadd (art assets and animation), Elliot Maddox (arduino and button programming), Tim Troiano (flash coding) and I(art assets and animation, writeup and poster).

•Our design choice was to portray modern popular media stylization, with bright colors and cartoony figures. We wanted a certain unrealistic ambience with the sound-bed music and space background.

•We wanted the aim of the piece to be to allow the audience to have fun with the buttons and making the beat-boxing sounds and moving the dinosaurs. They could make it as crazy as they want or try and get a serious beat from it.

•Some interactive choices that were made were to make different beats with different tempos to allow the user to create what type of beat they wanted.

•We were successful in most everything we did, we achieved the ambience, and the sounds came out well, and the art assets and presentation were how we wanted.

•We did struggle, however, in building and fixing the button hardware, but we managed to get it working.

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Interactive Final Project: Art & Design

Art assets I created in photoshop for the final project. More images will be added as production goes on.

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VideoProduction: Video Basics

Props to Dolly on Vimeo.

Group members: Kathryn Worth, Caitlin Gadd, and I.

The target of this assignment was to explain and demonstrate our knowledge of video production techniques. We worked as a group in all aspects, and worked as a film crew would. It was a huge learning experience for me, especially when I looked through the camera and was able to implement my knowledge of a 2D space and composition.

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GeekOut Rough script


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Production1: Foley Group Project

Group Collaboration

Members: Caitlin Gadd, Katie Worth and I.

The assignment was to take this video with no sound, and make sound for it from scratch using Adobe audition and the sound studio.  No stock sounds were used. The process was composed of having a foley artist(a person who makes the sounds in front of the microphone) and sound editors in the sound booth (working with audition). The sound artist makes the noises while watching the movement on a screen, to sync it up. The people in the sound booth sync up the audio to video, as well as sequence, trim the clips and add effects.

Individual Redo
For my individual redo I cleaned up the sound quality as well as synced up the movements of the unicorn. I feel that after I edited by myself what we did as a group, the end result sounds much more polished.

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